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We are elusively looking forward to welcoming you as our guest, and we do promise you, that Villa Cartoceto is the place, where you can relax, be yourself and let time pass by in the best of all possible Italian ways. Authentic, honest and charming…

Welcome to Villa Cartoceto,
Axel & Eva-Maria


Villa Cartoceto – Eva-Maria and Axel
Villa Cartoceto – Front, entrance
Villa Cartoceto – Eva-Maria and Axel

Villa Cartoceto B&B

Villa Cartoceto
Via Umberto I., 11
6103 Cartoceto (PU)
Le Marche, Italy

T: +39 380 2025920

As it began…,

the property of Villa Cartoceto was built in 1683 and was always the first building of the historic center of Cartoceto. In ancient times, approx. in the years between 1683 and 1745, the building was originally part of a U-shaped farmyard, owned by two brothers. The years passed by and the brothers picked a quarrel between them and the right wing of the building was burnt down by one of the brothers. The actual building remained as it still is today.

So, being the first building, it was obviously inhabited by the first citizens of the village. The mayor lived in the first floor together with the clergyman and they lived there from 1812 until 1871. Seen that the via Umberto I. still today is the street that brings you to the Piazza, it was always the central entrance to the village, everyone had to pass the house and had to pay his respect to those two important men of the village. The fact that this street offers at the end also a fantastic sea-view, the entrance to the historic center is called “Porta Marina”.

After been owned by various Cartoceto families, the house was inhabited by Giovanna Omicioli and Master Occhialini for decades and finally sold to us in 2001.
After several restruction and renovation works, Villa Cartoceto was opened as a B&B in 2003. Until 2009, guests from allover the world could be welcomed and housed in our cosy home. In 2009 the activity was shut down for several years, mostly due to the fact, that in 2011 Axel opened a luxurious hotel in the Austrian Alps.

Seen the fascinating landscapes, the rural atmosphere, the lovely Italian people and most of all the Italian way of life, the house was again restructured in the years 2018/19 and it will re-open as a B&B in September 2020. Located in the soft hills in the backyard of the Adriatic Sea, only 11kms from the beaches and the antique city of Fano, Cartoceto is the right place for your holiday.

It would be our great pleasure to be your hosts in wonderful Cartoceto and to spoil you during your stay at Villa Cartoceto.

Axel and Eva-Maria

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